General English Courses


Our Elementary Course is perfect to get you started on your English learning journey.

Who is the Elementary Course for?

This Online General English course is for people who have already studied English a little and want to communicate better.

This class includes speaking and pronunciation practice to help you sound better when you speak English and be better understood. The Elementary course will also add to your knowledge of grammar, improve your vocabulary, and give you lots of real, authentic listening practice in the classroom.

This is a great course if you want to push your level of English past the basics

You have one hour with your teacher 3 days a week and get more work to do after class. 

This course has two parts which makes it more flexible. Each part has 12 hours of learning and takes 4 weeks to complete. 

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…
  • talk about your likes and dislikes 

  • understand basic conversations about familiar topics 

  • describe people and places 

  • tell people about your life experiences 

  • use the right present/past tense with more confidence 

  • compare people and things using adjectives 

  • make and talk about plans for the future 

  • tell people about your abilities 

  • understand when to use be or do 

  • feel more confident when you use prepositions (in, on, at…) 

  • use the right stress when you pronounce words 

  • use simple language for everyday and more formal situations 


  • Use basic verbs be, have, go, live and like and pronouns (subject, object, possessive) 
  • Revising present simple to talk about routines and lifestyles 
  • Describing places using “there is/are” and where things are using prepositions 
  • Talking about single and plural things in different types of sentence 
  • Use can & could to talk about present and past abilities 
  • Telling stories using the past simple 
  • Talking about things we can count and things we can’t 
  • How to compare things with comparative and superlative adjectives 
  • Using the present continuous to talk about things happening now 
  • How to talk about future plans and make predictions with “going to” 
  • How to talk about life experiences using present perfect 
  • How to talk about the past using regular and irregular verbs

Vocabulary and Topics 

  • Meeting people and the family 
  • Life at home and at work 
  • Free time and hobbies 
  • The places where people live 
  • All the different things people can do 
  • Life stories from the past to the present
  • Telling stories and talking about history 
  • Food and drink, likes and dislikes 
  • Life in different cities and the countryside 
  • How to describe people 
  • Weather and the seasons 
  • Travel and adventure

Our Pre-Intermediate course is great to move you on from the basics.

Who is the Pre-Intermediate class for?

This online General English course is for people who want to increase their confidence and improve their level of English from anywhere in the world. 

The Pre-Intermediate course will challenge you to start using more than just basic English with fun and achievable tasks using an e-book as well as other materials. Pre-Intermediate is the level in which students start to become more fluent when they speak and more comfortable using English for more than just their everyday needs. 

This class will focus on all four skills, but especially on your listening, speaking and grammar. 

Our online classes are designed to fit your busy, modern schedule. Our timetable is flexible and you only need to commit to one hour three days a week to study. 

We’ve also divided the level into manageable four-week courses with 12 total hours of teacher contact time. If you want more practice, though, you can extend your practice with one of our additional modules.

By the end of this level you’ll be able to …

  • ask and answer questions using different tenses
  • talk about activities and times together with others
  • tell people about things that happened to you
  • describe the food you love and shop for it
  • talk about your life experiences until now
  • compare things using more adjectives
  • talk about rules and give advice
  • describe clothes and appearance
  • talk about your plans and dreams
  • discuss people and things that have changed the world
  • talk about how long you’ve done something


  • Present tenses and describing actions & situations
  • Past simple and continuous used together
  • Expressions of quantity and using articles (a, an, the)
  • When to use an infinitive verb, and when to use verb+ing
  • Future forms (will, going to, present continuous)
  • Present perfect with for/since/yet/just/already/always/ever/never
  • The passive voice in more tenses
  • Present perfect simple and continuous
  • Past perfect to make stories better
  • The first conditional for a realistic future event
  • The second conditional for an imaginary future event
  • Verbs to talk about rules and advice
  • Comparative and superlative adjectives

Vocabulary and Topics

  • Making connections with other people
  • Developing relationships with family and friends
  • In the media – news, video and stories
  • Everything food – eating, cooking, shopping
  • Looking forward to the future
  • Learning from the past and family history
  • Reading, writing and telling stories
  • Staying fit and healthy
  • Relationships and important people in your life
  • Life in all its different forms
  • Your favourite things

The Intermediate course will help you improve your fluency, grammar skills and range of vocabulary.

Who is the Intermediate class for?

This online General English course is for people who want to increase their level of communication, sound more natural in English, and improve how fluent they are while studying from anywhere in the world. This class is perfect for people who want to extend their knowledge of grammar, improve their vocabulary, and start talking in a more complex and natural way. 

The Intermediate course lays the foundations for higher level English. Online classes follow e-books and are interactive; students are engaged and as much involved in their learning as the teacher. 

The timetable for our Online Intermediate class is flexible, to suit your lifestyle, and is made up of one-hour lessons three days per week. You’ll get a total of 12 hours of teacher time in the virtual classroom.

By the end of this level you’ll be able to …

  • tell a story using past simple, continuous, and perfect
  • talk about past habits and things in your routine now
  • describe people, places, things and feelings more confidently
  • give advice and talk about rules and obligations in the present and past
  • talk about the future more naturally using different grammar
  • talk about if and when, real and imaginary situations
  • write an opinion essay, and formal & informal texts
  • understand and discuss the news
  • report what other people have said
  • use the passive in a natural and effective way
  • use colloquial and everyday language more fluently
  • speak more naturally though sounds, stress and intonation


  • Information questions
  • Tenses and auxiliary verbs
  • State and active verbs
  • Past/narrative tenses
  • Modal verbs for rules and permission
  • When to use infinitive verbs and verb-ing
  • Future tenses
  • Modals verbs of deduction
  • Second and third conditionals
  • Modals verbs for possibility and speculation
  • Noun phrases
  • Reported speech

Vocabulary and Topics

  • Learning languages
  • Food, cooking, shopping
  • Work and leisure activities
  • Storytelling in different cultures
  • Parts of speech
  • Animal rights and the world of nature
  • Adventure, sports and healthy living
  • Looking back at your youth
  • Making predictions about future technology and changes
  • Using prefixes and suffixes to make new words
  • Caring and sharing
  • Special events and occasions
  • Digital media, technology and electronics
  • Dream jobs and homes
  • Verbs used to report what somebody else has said

Upper Intermediate is where you further develop accuracy and learn ‘native’ phrases.

Who is the Online Upper Intermediate class for?

This is an online General English class for people who want to raise the level of their English to a professional or academic standard. This is the level where your English starts to become more complex and closer to native speakers. 

In the Upper-Intermediate class you will learn new ways of expressing yourself with intensive speaking, listening, reading and writing practice. You will also learn lots of new grammar to elevate your English and talk about things that you may now find difficult. 

With online learning, students learn using an e-book and can benefit from our flexible timetable to learn at their own pace with just a commitment of one-hour a day three times per week, but with opportunities to extend your practice by adding other modules. 

We’ve divided this level into manageable 4-weeks courses to suit your busy lifestyle.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to …

  • describe past habits and actions that are becoming routine
  • understand when to use –ing and infinitive verbs more effectively
  • pronounce English vowels better
  • speak with a more convincing and natural rhythm
  • form different types of complex questions
  • report what other people have said in more natural ways
  • talk about imaginary and hypothetical situations
  • write an opinion essay using good linking and organising language
  • talk about continuous and finished actions in the future
  • give more detailed information about people, places and things
  • debate topics by sharing opinions, agreeing and disagreeing confidently
  • use collocations to express yourself more fluently


  • The tense system in full, and auxiliary verbs
  • More complicated question formation
  • All narrative tenses, adjective and adverb position
  • All uses of present perfect simple and continuous
  • All future forms
  • Modals and alternatives for ability, advice, obligation, permission
  • Relative clauses – defining and non-defining
  • In-depth study of unreal, imaginary conditionals (second and third)
  • Language for hypothesis, speculation, wishes, and regrets
  • Used to, be used to, get used to
  • Articles and determiners
  • Verbs of the senses

Vocabulary and Topics

  • Stories and anecdotes
  • Environmental issues
  • Media, literacy and society
  • Believing – truth and fakery
  • What the future holds
  • Business and success
  • The power of feelings
  • Extremes in life
  • Science and technology
  • Crime and punishment
  • Phrasal verbs, idioms, colloquialisms

Advanced is perfect if you already have a strong level of English, but want to focus on details, accuracy and fluency. 

Who is the Online Advanced class for?

This Online General English class is for people who want to refine and perfect their English. This Advanced course is for students who feel comfortable with complex grammar and have a good vocabulary, but they want to sound more natural and fluent.

This level focuses on the fine details that separate a very good English student from somebody who can communicate like a native speaker. Our Advanced course is all about communication and listening practice, but it also offers lots of grammar input and writing practice.

Online classes follow e-books and are interactive; students are engaged and as much involved in their learning as the teacher.

The timetable for our Online Advanced class is flexible, to suit your lifestyle, and is composed of one-hour lessons three days per week. It’s also divided into manageable four-week sections.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to …

  • speak with confidence about the past, present and future
  • make your language more descriptive, coherent and cohesive
  • use all elements of pronunciation to sound natural
  • feel comfortable in formal conversations
  • report facts in a more impersonal and academic way
  • use language to speculate, infer and emphasise
  • add emphasis to what you say with sophisticated techniques
  • talk about imaginary and hypothetical situations
  • deal with conflict using effective language
  • improve fluency by paraphrasing and avoiding repetition
  • use idioms, phrasal verbs and everyday expressions more naturally
  • write a variety of texts in different tones and registers


  • Tenses, voices and aspects
  • All about adjectives and adverbs
  • Verbs: auxiliaries, forms and patterns
  • Everything modal
  • Avoiding repetition – ellipsis and substitution
  • Adding emphasis – inversion and cleft sentences
  • Real and unreal tenses
  • Relatives and participles
  • Discourse markers
  • Distancing techniques
  • The future
  • Cohesive devices

Vocabulary and Topics

  • The human condition
  • The importance of words
  • The changing world
  • Myth, mystery and magic
  • Cultural diversity
  • War and peace
  • Happiness and optimism
  • Gender: equality, difference and lifestyles
  • Art and culture
  • Mind and body
  • Science and technology
  • Moments in history

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