Tech Help

Need some help with your technology to learn with Ingla.Online? Have a look at our video and helps below!

To connect to Ingla’s online learning system, it’s better to use a desktop PC or laptop.

It’s possible to use a tablet or smartphone, but your experience won’t be as good.


Listening and speaking are two of the most important skills you need to learn a new language. For Ingla’s online lessons we recommend using earphones to make sure you can hear everything clearly, and a microphone so that your teacher and classmates can hear you speak. It’s helpful ifyou have a camera on your device too. 

Web Browser

How do you connect to the internet? For Ingla’s online English classes the best way is to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These are the internet browsers that get the best results on our website.

Internet Connection

Having good internet is key to having good online lessons, that’s why we also recommend connecting your device directly to your internet router with an ethernet cable if possible. The easiest way to check if you’re ready to start Ingla online lessons is to use our troubleshooting web page. This website will check your computer: internet browser, microphone, camera and internet connection automatically by following a few easy steps.

Problems in class

 If you’ve done all of these things and you have technological problems in class, click on the “gear wheel” to the right of the whiteboard in your classroom. Check that your server is connected to video. If it says “disconnected”, click to connect your video. You can also click on refresh or click on “change camera” to see if you have other camera options to connect to your classroom, or “change microphone” to find a better microphone. Finally, if nothing else is working click on “run diagnostics” to test your computer system and internet speed.

If you need help with any technological problem, Ingla.Online have a free Tech Spec classes for every new student.

During your class

During class
During class

Learning English online is a new experience for many people. Knowing how to act in a virtual classroom can be confusing. You’re in the comfort of your home, but, at the same time, you’re in public with other people. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you and your classmates enjoy the Ingla Online experience, have fun, and still learn.


  • Raise your hand: In a normal classroom you wouldn’t just shout the first thing that came into your mind. The same is true in a virtual classroom. In Ingla’s virtual classroom you can just click the blue button with the picture of a hand at the top of the whiteboard, and your teacher will know you have something to say. This is a good way of showing respect to your teacher and fellow classmates. 


  • Be on time: Ingla will email you before your class starts so you will always know your class time. You can enter Ingla’s virtual classroom 5 minutes before your class is scheduled to start, and you don’t have the excuse of traffic or train delays. It’s a good practice to be punctual for online classes. You don’t want to distract other students and the teacher if you come into the virtual classroom during a listening activity.


  • Be prepared!: Just because you’re in front of your computer at home, doesn’t mean that online learning is like watching Netflix. It’s a classroom, and you should be prepared like you would for any other class. Sit at a desk, if possible, with your computer and headphones on, and a pen and paper ready to write notes and learn.


  • Talk over your classmates: Taking turns and waiting to speak shows good manners. This is true in any group situation. Ingla’s virtual classroom is no different. Remember, everyone is here to learn. You might be alone at home, but you’re sharing a lesson with other people who also want to speak.


  • Study in a place with lots of noise: Make sure that the place where you choose to connect to our online lessons from is quiet. It’s very distracting to your teacher and other students if there is a lot of noise in the virtual classroom, and it’s not good for your own experience. Less noise = a better education.


  • Join a class without following our technical guide: It will be better for you, and your classmates, if you watch our technical guide first to make sure that your computer system, video, audio, and internet connection work properly. This means that when you connect to the virtual classroom you can focus on learning and not fighting with your computer.